I am Klaudia Zdanowicz. My background is connected with graphic design – highly focused on UX/UI. I graduated in UX and UI design from Infoshare Academy. I keep up to date with all UX/UI design trends by attending meetings and conferences connected with UX/UI design, reading books and articles (Medium, UX Planet, UX Collective), following trends on behance and social media. To develop myself in several directions – I have been taking courses online and trainings organised by programming schools (code:me, – java script, WBS Gdansk – frontend meetings).

Currently I am working at Smart Oak Projects as UX / UI designer. We are building a platform that will give young people the chance to receive scholarships in exchange for engaging in socially useful activities. We operate within the NeuroN Foundation. I do also freelance jobs connected with web, app design and branding.

I enjoy innovation and experiment with different ideas. I am known for inspiring and devising original, thought-provoking concepts. I have been making low to high fidelity designs and prototyping, creating layouts, and building mockups. I excel in a workplace that promotes a culture of fun, consensus-driven, and high-energy teamwork. I have an artistic eye and strong work ethic, experience in observation and decision-making.